Style Savvy Year in Rewind {2012 Recap}

On this final day of the year, I'm feeling way excited, a little nostalgic and a little bit terrified all at once. I live with a very weird internal dichotomy where change is both as necessary to me as air--while also being the thing that I feel the most fear around...even the tiniest of change, like the calendar rolling over into a new year. But I know that the fear means I am on the cusp of something really great--so I'm looking forward to 2013. 

2012 was fantastic: The Honey and I celebrated two lovely years together; I got to travel for events, to the beach and to EUROPE (I still die); one of my best friends got married which resulted in two whole weekends of fun and friend loving (everyone is so busy that we don't get that kind of quality time as regularly as we once did so that was awesome!); my sweet little blog got a face lift and a new moniker; and my Young Man continued to kick academic, athletic and musical butt (he makes me infinitely proud). So, as I reflect on the memories I'm leaving behind, I thought I would share a few of my favorites moments and outfits--as well as my most popular posts (in case you missed them)--from 2012. Enjoy!


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Have a fabulous New Year's Eve, and here's to an absolutely amazing 2013!