Posh Weekend Plans + Weekly Link Wrap Up {vol. 2}

Happy Friday! Tonight I am looking forward to dinner with my girlie LE and seeing her preggers belly for the first time. The rest of the weekend will be family time, spent picking out a live Christmas tree, trimming it and setting up my holiday decor; as well as attending my uber musically talented little cousin's All County Orchestra performance. If you're still looking for something to get into, perhaps I can assist? 

If you're local to the Baltimore area check out the food truck rally tonight from 5-10pm at 1514 Key Highway; it’s in tandem with the McHenry Row Christmas Tree lighting. I can't make it but based on the buzz from last year's inaugural rally it's supposed to be awesome. Go and eat your face off for me too please! **{The food truck rally has been canceled due to weather since the time of this publishing.}

If you're hanging inside, and are up for a little TV action, take in the HBO documentary In Vogue: The Editor's Eye, which highlights the mega glossy's fashion editors past and present. It has beauty, historical info and the ever-animated Carlyne Cerf who punctuates the end of many of her sentences gloriously with an emphatic "voila".

If you don't yet watch ABC's Scandal, I highly recommend you head for ABC ON DEMAND or the ABC Go app and catch up immediately. It is the most deliciously inappropriate "keep you on the edge of your seat" show on network television and Kerry Washington is a vision in beautifully cut designer clothing.

If you're trolling the interwebs, take a gander at my latest at PLPT if you please; then discover Matchbook Magazine if you're not already familiar. The digital mag has fashion treats and inspiration as well as introspective and “fact list” driven pieces about people that you somehow can't wait to learn more about (like Louis Armstrong in the November issue). It looks best in its high color iPad format.

Remember Boy Meets World?! Who could forget Topanga? In honor of the spin off series, Girl Meets World where Topanga and Cory revise their roles—but this time as parents—Fashionista took us on a tour down memory lane of all of Topanga’s great hair moments. I can’t be the only one who wanted to see this, right?

Whatever your plans, I wish you a lovely and luxurious weekend. Oh--and one last thing: enter the Posh Holiday Giveaway tonight before 11:59pm if you haven't already. Thanks to you lovely ladies that have already shared your wishes for your dream gifts! Wishing you all luck! See ya Monday.

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