What-to-Wear: Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving holiday, make an effort to be both comfortable and chic by wearing something that's stylish, but not restrictive. You want to be able to travel and eat with ease, as well as be cozy for any time spent simply relaxing with family. 

Be Stylish by choosing luxe fabrics like lace or leather that make ordinary items appear more sophisticated. Play up your accessories by wearing statement necklaces, chunky bracelets or a standout handbag, while keeping the rest of your outfit simple and classic. 

Leather look skater skirt at Asos
Giant bow sweater at J. Crew

Be Comfy by opting for soft sweaters that fit your frame, but have some give. Wear skirts or dresses that are forgiving in the mid-section so that you don't feel uncomfortable if your belly swells slightly after you eat (just don't overeat. I'll be talking about ways to avoid that later this week--check back!). If you're not comfortable in heels, wear something like a riding boot, or a pair of embellished flats that will still make your look neat and polished. 

Rachel Roy riding boot at Macy's
Studded black ballerina flat at Tory Burch

If you will be cooking, cleaning or hosting I understand the need for practicality. But why not consider changing when your guests arrive or when it's time for dinner? You'll be grateful that you look amazing, as well as feel refreshed and ready to join the party. 

*photos via the Pish Posh Perfect fall inspiration board


  1. I love both looks!! I'm definitely going for the stylish yet comfortable look for Thanksgiving this year. Normally when I go to spend the day with my family I don't think about it too much but it'll be nice to wear something special for Thanksgiving.

  2. I agree. My family doesn't dress up every year because sometimes it's just the immediate fam--but it feels more special, I think, when we do. It is just more festive that way.

  3. I love both of these too. I hadn't thought about what I'll wear over the "in-laws" just yet but I'd like to start putting more effort into it. I usually just wear whatever, but then I end up not wanting to take any pictures. And that just won't do anymore.

  4. That won't do at all. You have friends who want to see what your holiday looked like. You have such an easy going style though--you can do it.


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