Style Savvy European Vacation

I agonized quite a bit about what to pack for my trip. I wanted to be very chic, of course, and easy going. Of utmost importance for my European wardrobe were 3 things:

1. Comfort
2. Layering
3. Mixing and Matching

I wanted to wear simple pieces and neutral colors that could be interchanged so that I could pack less for my trip. Additionally, I wanted to take one quality pair of boots and one quality pair of flats that could handle all the walking we would potentially do. The weather also played a part, since it would differ in every city that we planned to visit, so I needed to be able to dress for warmer or cooler weather. The result, it seems, was lots of stripes, interspersed with pops of color. Here's a sampling of what I wore. 

Paris Day 1

dress: Francesca's / blazer: H&M / scarf: Nordstrom / tights: Marshall's / flats: Me Too / bag: Lettie Gooch Boutique /
 rings: GLITTERRINGS / watch: Rotary

Paris Day 2

sweater dress: Francesca's / scarf: Soho street vendor (NYC) / tights: Betsey Johnson / boots: Aigner / bag: Nine West / rings: GLITTERRINGS / bracelet: Ralph Lauren / watch: Rotary / trench: Forever 21

Paris Day 3

blazer and skirt: H&M / white button down: Express / tights: Target / flats: Me Too / scarf: Nordstrom / bag: Coach (gifted from AB) / rings: GLITTERRINGS / bracelet: Ralph Lauren


sweater dress: H&M / jacket: Marshall's / bag: Coach / scarf: Soho street vendor (NYC) / tights: Target


dress: Calvin Klein / jacket: Marshall's / bag: boutique in Rome / rings: Forever 21 and GLITTERRINGS / earrings: Forever 21 / tights: Betsey Johnson / boots: Aigner
dress: H&M / jacket: Marshall's / scarf: Forever 21 / bag: boutique in Rome

I very rarely wear flats so I feel like a look a little weird in these photos...I'm so short! But I still think the outfits came out fairly well, so... bygones. 


  1. Packing for our trip to europe was awful! It was a 15 day trip and I stress out a lot over packing. Love your outfits. You definitely look a whole lot more stylish then I did! I wore sketchers! We were on our feet for 9 hours every day and I could only pack so much so that's what I went with.

  2. It's definitely about what works for the individual CeCe! You can imagine that traveling with 5 other women, we discussed packing and clothing a lot. LOL. People encouraged us to have only one bag, and we all managed to have just one suitcase and one carry-on, but it was not easily accomplished.


Thank you for all your perfectly posh comments. I appreciate you stopping by!

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