Snagged: Basics and Bird Prints

With winter having been relatively mild last year, and this year's fall following suit, I think I missed my internal memo to stock up on warm and cozy winter pieces. I have probably been focused on layering and transitional pieces, but now I'm ready to dig into things like funky tights, chunky knits and tall boots.

I've done a tiny bit of shopping over the past week and snagged a few pieces: the great zebra patterned sweater from Mango that I posted here; super soft and sparkly outerwear, as well as a bird printed top and pretty cardi from Francesca's; and a few simple basics from H&M including a pair of black leggings, a simple black cotton skirt and a crisp white button-down shirt (closet staples!).

There's still much more to buy (I am in particular want of work-worthy items), but this feels like a good start.

forgive the dark iPhone snap. I couldn't find a stock photo of this top but wanted to show it

Does your wardrobe feel "winter ready"? What key pieces would you still like to snag?