Style Struck: Fall 2012 Inspiration

Chilly temperatures have reached us here in Maryland, prompting the casting aside of beautiful warm weather dresses and sandals, in favor of long sleeves and lush layers. We've known it was coming for awhile, but it's officially time to change out our wardrobes. Though spring and summer are my favorite seasons, I do relish the opportunity to switch it up in the wardrobe department, and add a bit of dimension to my style. It's fun to see how tights and a scarf can totally change the look of something.

In colder months I still gravitate towards very feminine looks, and continue to favor dresses and skirts over most everything else. Tall boots--both heels and flats--are a wardrobe staple as they are the perfect complement to just about everything, and do a wonderful job of making simple outfits, like leggings and a long sweater for travel or weekend errands, look more luxurious than they might be otherwise.

As always, there is tons of inspiration as I look to fall wardrobe fun. These are some of the looks I am currently inspired by.


What are some of your favorite looks for fall?

* photos via Pinterest