Savvy Style Chat {AB, Freelance Marketing & Promotions}

Savvy Style Chat is a monthly series, featuring ridiculously stylish, savvy women with great stories to tell, and AB is one such woman. You already know that she has a pocket full of beauty tips because of her monthly  posts here on this site. But what you may not have known is that she is also super duper stylish--and enviably photogenic to boot. For our October Chat I present...

AB / Freelance Marketing & Promotions / @AdrieneBoone

Wearing my favorite accessory: bold earrings! Earrings -- Ashley Stewart / Dress -- Monif C.
What is your full time gig?

Federal Government Employee / Marketing Consultant

How does your occupation affect your personal style?

My full time occupation and my personal style don’t mesh well. I tend to go to work in very generic pieces: a basic pant or dark jean with a tank and cardigan are my standard uniform. My personal style peeps through, though, with a pair of fab earrings.

What other endeavors do you participate in and how do you transition your wardrobe throughout the day to meet the needs of these various roles?

I am involved in a lot of activities. I am a freelance marketing and promotions consultant, I volunteer regularly with my Sorority, and I also serve on a development committee for my high school alma mater. I am in meeting after meeting on some days, and I generally will throw on a blazer or belted cardigan and heels for those. So I tend to dress it up for my obligations outside of my full time gig. Backwards I know.

For a daytime affair: Leather Jacket -- eloquii / Dress -- Nine West / Shoes -- Kenneth Cole / Bag -- Louis Vuitton / Earnings -- Custom Made by MoeMoe23

What are your favorite colors or textures to incorporate into your wardrobe or home decor?

I don’t think I am partial to any particular color in my wardrobe. However I am currently trying to finish decorating my master bedroom and I have very specific choices in mind for that. I had a headboard custom-made with a great subtly patterned fabric, and am using silver and black as anchor colors with a pop of turquoise blue to accent them. I am on the hunt for a great duvet cover, mirrored chest, and artwork for a blank wall. Ah, the joys of being a new homeowner!

What is your most favorite piece in your wardrobe and how often do you wear it?

I actually have multiple favorite items, but they are all similar: I’d have to say my various pairs of leopard print flats. They're perfect for running errands on a casual day, but I often dress them up with a cute ensemble for events as well!

How do you make time for beauty in your routine?

My daily routine is pretty basic: cleanse, tone, and moisturize. Outside of that, I try to keep weekly and monthly schedules for treatments and my deep cleansing technique. This works for me, really well actually. We all get busy and we plan everything else in our lives--so I thought, why not schedule my beauty treatments too?

What hair and/or beauty product(s) can you not live without right now?

My Clarisonic Mia!!! It really revolutionized my skin care regimen! AWESOME PRODUCT! I’m not sure how I ever cleansed my face before!

I was feeling rather "boho-chic" on this day: Shirt -- Dots / Jeggings - Jessica Simpson / Boots -- Avenue / Bangles -- Mixed-n-Matched from my vast collection / Earrings -- Macy's

Where do you go to get inspired?

Inspiration is everywhere!!! Right now I love K Staton Boutique in Baltimore. The owner, Jade, is amazing and super helpful at aiding me in finding stylish pieces and great earrings. Instagram and Pinterest are great sources for inspiration for everything – clothes, shoes, nails, home d├ęcor, hair—really, everything! I am heading to Europe in a little over a week, and I’m really hoping to find some inspired pieces during my trip.

If a stranger walking past you on the street was asked to describe your signature look in one word, what word would that be?

ComfyFunkyNatural …that qualifies as one word right?! LOL!

{Just for fun} Flats or heels? Why?

FLATS!! Yes I know I am breaking some cardinal fashion rule somewhere, but flats are more comfy to me. You can only evoke true style and grace when you are comfortable and confident. However I do recognize that there are some ensembles that just need a pair of great heels! :-)