Posh Tip: Plan a Stay-cation

Summer vacation season has ended, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still treat yourself to a sweet escape. There are tons of ways to plan local activities that make you feel like you’ve gone away, so why not take advantage and plan a stay-cation? They’re less expensive and may not even require you take time off from work.

Local Winery

Take advantage of the free or moderately priced tours at wineries near you. Spend the day learning something new and sipping on delicious vino. Some wineries even have restaurants on campus where you can have a pairing dinner to extend the experience. Then take your favorite bottle home, and continue to enjoy!

Historical Tour

Don’t wait until you visit someone else’s city to do all hit all the tourist sites and cool things each has to offer—spend time getting to know your town and learning about its history. Take advantage of one of the tour packages offered through your city’s tourism bureau and see everything with fresh eyes. You’d probably be surprised at how much you’ll learn!

Weekend Hotel Stay

Sometimes there’s nothing more relaxing than momentarily shucking responsibilities in favor of spacing out and clearing your head. Let someone else do the cooking and cleaning for the weekend while you luxuriate under down comforters or in a warm bath. Spend the weekend at a hotel in that area of the city where you’ve been dying to hang out—or that really quiet B&B that will get you away from the noise of the city.

Spa Day/Spa Weekend

The word “spa” pretty much speaks for itself. What can put you in a trance faster than a day—or a full weekend—at the spa?! Go get yourself manicured, massaged, kneaded, waxed, wrapped and just all around pampered by the professionals.


Take advantage of the last days of temperate weather by spending a few hours outside in the sun. Pack a picnic basket with your favorite treats, grab your favorite person or people and head to the nearest park to spread a blanket in the grass. The fresh air and great company will help you to feel invigorated and refreshed.

Even if leaving the house doesn't appeal to you, but you want the luxury of vacating from the outside world for just a little while to recharge, you can always lock your door, close the blinds, turn off your phone and other devices and completely unplug.

What’s your favorite way to stay-cation?

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