‘Fro Fashion Week Recap

My first ‘Fro Fashion Week was a success: I met lots of great women, learned some tips and tricks, and had my very first ‘red carpet correspondent’ moment. 

Bloggers, Brands and Brunch 

Mattie James of Mattiologie

Q&A session

Jess, CEO of Jessicurl

engaged bloggers with iPads and cameras at the ready

FFW CEO Tarin Boone with Mattie James

Bloggers Brands and Brunch was an opportunity for bloggers to come together to network, to get perspective on working with brands directly from the people who represent them, and to hear from keynote speaker, Mattie James of Atlanta style blog, Mattieologie

Mattie, wearing the most gorgeous white peplum suit paired with red patent pumps, spoke about the importance of finding a mentor to help take your blogging to the next level, but also about finding your VOICE. Mattie’s VOICE was an acronym for her key points, which included: 

Verify yourself by taking action and being consistent. Show Value by breaking down who you are and what you do to show why you offer something that no one else can. 

Offer yourself up on a silver platter all of the time. Always present yourself well both in person and in the digital space. 

Invent yourself—over and over and over again. Don’t be afraid of change on your blog, and when you find something that works for you—run with it! 

Challenge yourself. If you’re doing what’s easy, you’ll find it much harder to be great. 

Expect yourself to win! 

Two other key points that Mattie made really stuck out to me: “If people like you, they will pay you—or find a way to get you paid.” And “You control the perception of you.” I think that’s one of the things that blogging really boils down to—learning to be your own PR manager and really taking ownership over what you do, for better or for worse, and just making it work. 

After Mattie spoke, there was a great open dialogue with the brands (including Jessicurl, Curls Unleashed and Shea Moisture) where they shared tips ranging from speaking in the industry’s language, not the language that has been developed by bloggers; trusting that the brands are experts in their fields and not assuming or acting as if you know more than they do; that humility is important when approaching and working with brands and to always be prepared for meetings and phone calls (which seems like common sense, but eek—there were some stories!) 

‘Fro Fashion Show: Glitz, Glam, & Glitter 

ready to interview!

stylish fashion show attendees arriving on the red carpet

The fashion show was the glitzy culmination of the week’s events. Attendees walked the red carpet and took photos with brand step and repeats, and had the opportunity to be interviewed by moi about what they were wearing, what their favorite parts of ‘Fro Fashion Week had been, and what they were looking forward to seeing on the runway. I had so much fun being the official red carpet correspondent! People looked amazing and everyone was so pleasant. There’s nothing like being in a place filled with mostly women and tons of buzzing positive energy. 

A flash mob kicked off the show, then ‘Fro Fashion Week CEO, Tarin Boone, showcased the subject of the week’s surprise makeover subject, who looked beautiful; and highlighted and gave awards to small businesses. Then several designers’ models strutted their stuff down the runway. If you have read my blog before, then you know I am a dresses and shoe gal! Here are some of my faves. 

mama loves a good tutu!

sexy but sophisticated criss cross back on this hot pink gown

pink and glitter. I'm sure I don't need to explain.

they photograph kind of red, but these pumps are actually hot pink suede. adore.

these patent babies ARE red and on fiyah!

love the colorblocking on these pumps

studded out!

There are far too many photos to post here on the blog, but I created an album of the entire weekend at the Pish Posh Perfect Facebook page  so be sure to click on over and have a look see!