An American Girl in Paris - Day 1

Our first day in Paris was amazing! We arrived super early in the morning and our rooms weren't ready for check-in, so we decided to grab breakfast and jump right into sightseeing. After omelets and frites (yes, French fries for breakfast) we headed off in search of Notre Dame--which our airport cabbie told us was 10 minutes away from our hotel. We would soon discover, throughout the course of the day, that Parisians are of the belief that everything in the city is just a 10 minute walk. It took us a bit longer than that to arrive at the famous cathedral, but we just kind of got lost in the sights and sounds of the city, and eventually we made it.

After checking in and taking quick naps to help adjust to the time change, we set out for the Latin Quarter, a really cute and funky neighborhood with cute little vintage shops, cafes and an open market. We took on the relaxed attitude of the city and enjoyed a long luxurious dinner with several bottles of wine; followed by gelato for dessert--then walked around some more, enjoying the warm air and Paris at night.

The city really seems to come alive once the sun goes down, becoming resplendent with twinkling lights and full of people enjoying themselves--staying out late to enjoy cafe or vino with friends.

beautiful presentation of these scallops with mashed potatoes
Our first dinner in Paris
Notre Dame
AB and me in the cab headed for the Latin Quarter
Latin Quarter
Mango and Chocolate gelato! yum!

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