Fall Trend: Brocade Dresses

Print will continue to be a major trend for fall, with sweet tiny florals and prints on delicate, airy materials being replaced by their bolder, larger cousins on heavier fall fabrics.  Brocade, with its European pedigree, continues to be woven in rich fabrics with raised design; but gets an update in addition to its traditional gold and silver and explodes with color and fresh patterns--making it a print du jour for this season. 

Do brocade-on-a-budget when you shop these gorgeous dresses at Modcloth. 

Clockwise from top left: 
Classic stunner dress in brocade $99.99
Different brush strokes dress - $94.99 
One in the flame dress - $72.99
Gilding a mystery dress - $127.99 


  1. So pretty! I'm actually coveting a pair of brocade pants. I found a pair at Zara but they weren't perfect on me. The hunt continues. (PS: was so excited about your J Crew shirt in the last post but it's sold out/full price).

  2. Oooohh sounds cute! I'm sure you can find another pair that will work. And um, how crazy is that?!!! Sold out in 2 days? It is adorable though...wow

  3. Love the brocade dresses! They remind me of throwback 50s styles. I've been adding more dresses to my closet lately. Maybe I can find one for fall. Or maybe I can make myself one...humm.


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