Style Savvy Bachelorette Night

dress and earrings: Forever 21 / shoes and belt: White House Black Market

Accessories - clutch: Felix Rey / bangle and black ring: Forever 21 / silver ring: GLITTERRINGS

my best accessory: my besties

Saturday and Sunday, 11 of my girlfriends and I celebrated the countdown to our friend TS's wedding with a bachelorette/bridal weekend. Obviously, I can't tell you what happened on bachelorette night, but I can share my outfit ;-). 

I was kind of tired after a long day and feeling a little subdued; so I decided to go for a more muted look and left out the bright accessories that I had planned (in this post). I think it still ended up being a cute summer night out look, though. 


  1. picture #3.. you signature "smirk" :)
    cute dress from F21! White House Black market often has a few treats you wouldn't expect!

    Loving how "The Write Curl" is serving up all that sexy hair!!! :)

  2. Yes! I love it that I have a signature something! LOL. Thanks chica :-).

    She totally gave it all up with that hair, didn't she?! I love it too!

  3. OK to GG's cascading hair! Fab ladies


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