Style Inspiration: European Ease

In just under 60 days, I will be boarding a plane headed to Europe and embarking on adventures in Paris, Milan and Rome (insert squeal here). I’m so elated and definitely wanting to plan travel appropriate outfits that are both functional, and have the easy, chic vibe of European style.

Here’s what I’m currently inspired by:

The classic trench {straight up or with a twist}

Structured blazers

Comfy flats and cozy layers

Are you planning a fall vacation? What's inspiring your travel style?

*All photos via Pinterest


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. That was Ashlee btw - not sure why my name isn't showing :-/

  3. LOL. Weird, but I knew it had to be one of 3 people, LOL. Yaaayyy!!! It's getting SO close!

  4. Um, pack light and shop hearty! If you take a trench, buy scarves. If you bring a bag, fill it with shoes. And so on and so forth. You're taking one for the team, Kim!

  5. The goal is to take one carry on, Jess! eek!! And to put another bag inside that bag for the bringing home of purchases. I will live it up for both of us for sure. xo


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