Beauty Quickie: Brow Shaping Lessons

After waxing and plucking sessions over the last few months, I've noticed that my eyebrows have thinned considerably. I like to have a nice full brow, so I decided to let them grow out so I can start over. However, over the past couple of weeks, they have begun to look pretty spotty and just generally awful. 

So last Saturday I made a quick stop into Sephora for a little lesson on filling them in properly. 

Gina, the awesome makeup artist who helped me, suggested 3 products and gave me the following tips for using them:

1. Start with a brow pencil that's close to the natural color of your brows (she used Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz pencil in 'Brunette') and lightly begin to fill them in with upward strokes, starting at the thickest part of the brow and moving outward until it looks full. It's important not to draw out a heavy line if you want your eyebrows to look natural. 

2. For a finished look use concealer to outline the shape of the brow, and camouflage any errant hairs. Squeeze concealer onto a sponge, then dip an angled liner brush and use it to draw a light outline both underneath and above the brow. Then use the brush to gently blend the concealer into your skin. 

Two steps! So simple, right? And quick, which is important for me because I generally only have time for "makeup light" when I'm getting ready in the morning.

I came home with three new products: The Anastasia brow wiz, a Sephora Classic Angled Liner/Eyeliner Brush #15 (which has sold out since this post was published), and (since I was due for a new concealer anyway) Makeup Forever Full Cover Camouflage Cream in #14.

What's in your eyebrow shaping arsenal?