Weekend Treat: Annapolis Ice Cream Company

After reading this post at Glitter Guide about the best ice cream shops on the East Coast, and discovering that one such shop was located in my backyard, I knew it was a must that I take a little road trip to Maryland's lovely state capitol for a taste test. And luckily, I have friends who love treats as much as I do! So on Sunday, AB, DJ and I ventured to Annapolis to see if we agreed with the "best of" designation. We weren't disappointed!

Annapolis Ice Cream Company is located on Main Street in Annapolis, in the center of the hub of the downtown, waterfront area. The sweet little shop features a bevy of rotating flavors which, on this particular day, included ones like Peanut Butter Vanilla, Orange Chocolate, Coffee Heath Bar and Strawberry Oreo. We decided to try Blueberry, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Oreo, Apple Pie and Key Lime Pie. 

While all the flavors were really good, we agreed that the standout flavors we tried were the Apple Pie, which had chunks of real apples and pie crust; and the Salted Caramel, which was the perfect mix of salty and sweet (a taste combination which I don't normally like!). DJ also raved about the waffle bowl that her ice cream was served in. 

My favorite thing about the ice cream at Annapolis Ice Cream Company is that it's all natural. The cream comes from Maryland and nearby Pennsylvania, and all the ingredients--from the apples to the Oreos--are real. This doesn't necessarily translate to healthy, however, and certainly nothing served there is low calorie (in fact, their ice cream is so hearty and rich that we could each barely finish our portions).  But, a girl needs a treat every now and then, and this sweet little ice cream shop is definitely worth the jaunt to get the perfect summer snack. 

Our final verdict? Definitely some of the best ice cream we've ever had!