Style Savvy Weekend: Ate, Snagged and Wore in Brooklyn

I spent the weekend in Brooklyn with the honey, and though we were both too exhausted from a long week to do much, we did manage to grab a great meal in Williamsburg at Rosarito Fish Shack

The atmosphere was that of a bar, with tightly packed tables and loud music; we were seated just in time to take advantage of happy hour sangria and raw oysters from the live bar. Appetizers of fried calamari and pescadillas set the tone for an amazing meal that also included fish and shrimp tacos. That might not sound amazing initially, but the food was fairly elevated above your normal bar food. The pescadilla, which I expected to be a regular flat quesadilla with fish, was a crispy little pocket of deliciousness, surrounded by some sort of sour cream and guacamole emulsion that was ridiculously tasty. The calamari was accented by fried plantain, capers and finely chopped peppers. And each of the tacos was topped by a different type of slaw (the shrimp taco had pineapple slaw, yum!) along with guacamole. 

After the meal, we took a little walk to the park and then grabbed dessert. I had my first frozen yogurt truck experience with Yogo and their super light yogurt topped with fresh fruit--perfectly refreshing on such a hot summer night. 

Aside from eating, I also picked up a few little gems this weekend from H&M; they were having one of their fantastic $5, $10, $15 sales. I snagged an animal print romper (similar to this one) that I tried on last summer and failed to buy (but wished I had, so that was a score!) as well as a simple stretch jersey dress. I also picked up a simple striped racerback dress from Loft that will be great beach wear for our upcoming trip. 

This weekend, I wore pink and orange neon ombre nails with a little sparkle accent, and got great eye from this Sephora mini shadow compact that I received as a holiday gift last year, but hadn't yet used. 

This week will be another busy one, chock full of deadlines (but I'm not complaining about that and will be excited to share another writing project with you next month!)--but I'm sucking it up and looking forward to a long weekend with the honey at the beach in just a week and a half.