A New Look and a New Name - Pish Posh Perfect

I am so thrilled to be finally unveiling the new look of what is now the Pish Posh Perfect blog! Chic Mommy Cool Kid and I had a great run but--as all things do--this site has evolved into something a bit different than what it was when it was first started. 

Thanks to Danielle of Dandy Designs for creating this amazing design that is so me and exactly what I'd hoped for. She is absolutely fabulous, with great design skill and gorgeous style--you can see more of both at her blog, Just Dandy

I'll continue to share health, style and lifestyle tips with you--slightly elevated and with a bit of a twist. I hope you enjoy.

Here's to living a healthy, stylish and well-organized life! 


  1. Wooohoo, this is so pretty! Danielle is so talented and love the direction you are going with the blog. Congrats!

  2. Thanks Alyson! And thanks so much for the referral!!!

  3. Congratulations Kim. The blog looks GREAT!!!!!!

    Will you link the other blog so it will direct traffic here?

  4. Thanks so much, Lady!!! Yes--that's the goal but I'm having temporary difficulty with that. I hope to get it resolved soon!

  5. Congratulations Kim! I love the new look.

  6. Your blog really looks so chic and polished, I love it!



Thank you for all your perfectly posh comments. I appreciate you stopping by!

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