Denim and Brunch | Style Savvy Weekend Rewind

This weekend, my young man and I spent some quality time together, and I got some much-needed rest! 

saturday - dress: Francesca's / wedges: Nine West / bag: South Moon Under / studded belt: can't recall :-( / sunnies: Nordstrom

On Saturday, I was up early for errands: a quick visit to the spa, birthday gift shopping, grabbing movie tickets for the show the kid and I would take in later, and picking up a performance swimsuit for my swimming lessons which start tonight! Aside: I’m really excited to finally be learning how to really swim; I’ve been so embarrassed (well pseudo embarrassed…kinda) that I couldn’t up until this point. And I’ll be burning massive amounts of calories in the pool! Bring it on! 

pastel patent flat sandals from South Moon Under

After errands, T and I headed to a birthday pool party for the honey’s niece at the swim school near my place, where I nibbled on the most delectable pull-apart birthday cupcake. After the party, I dragged T downtown with me to the FashionEASTa fashion show that was being held outside in the Harbor East section of downtown (I’ll post more about this tomorrow) with the promise of food vendors, hoping he wouldn’t complain too much. He complained…a lot, but two new tee shirts and an ice cream later my offenses were forgotten. While he was scoping out new tees, I was holed up in the shoe section of South Moon Under, where I snagged a fun pair of flat sandals (above) in 3 shades of pastel patent leather—perfectly on trend for this season—and a pair of wedges that I’ll share tomorrow. 

T's new "fish taco" tee from South Moon Under

Circling back to T’s new shirts, the “fish taco” shirt made me crave, well fish tacos—so off to Baja Fresh we went for a late lunch before meeting up with our sweet cousin Tionah to check out Marvel’s The Avengers in 3D. I definitely recommend checking it out if you’re into super heroes and comics—but prepare to want to hit the gym hard after watching ScarJo in her skin tight black uh, uniform for two hours. We wrapped the evening up with late night Chinese, another movie On Demand and a cousins sleepover. 

with AB at Brunch wearing a simple black maxi dress and silver jewelry

On Sunday I met up with AB and another girlfriend for brunch at Blue Moon Café, where I had my mind blown. I’ve been hearing great things about this small breakfast spot in Fells Point for years, but somehow never made it there. I was definitely missing out. Fast forward through the hour and a half wait—which was totally worth it, by the way—and we were feasting on their famous Captain Crunch French toast--which quite literally melts in your mouth, French toast with fruit and cream, veggie potato pancakes and various omelets. I fear putting this in writing, but Blue Moon Café actually rivals Miss Shirley’s for the best breakfast spot in the area —a difficult feat at best. Great food plus a friendly wait staff and manager made this a super brunch experience. 

clockwise from top left: white wine at the fashion show block party / yummy pull apart birthday cupcake /
french toast with fruit and cream / veggie potato pancakes / Captain Crunch french toast

On Tuesday of last week, I had time to do this awesome polka dot mani, with a French mani polka dot accent nail, while iChatting with AB for about two hours; and it lasted through the entire weekend. 

OPI 'alpine snow' + Revlon 'black lingerie'

After a fun and restful weekend, I’m looking forward to a productive week. Hope you are too.