Recipe: Salmon Burgers | Posh Kitchen

I found this recipe for salmon burgers months ago on Shape.com in an article about new ways to eat oatmeal. I pinned it, along with a smoothie recipe, to my foodie Pinterest board then; but I finally had an opportunity to make the burgers a few weeks ago. They are made with fresh salmon, oats, green onions, mayo, mustard and fresh dill--combined in a food processor and formed into patties. 

First of all let me say, I am obsessed with the smell of fresh dill--I immediately went and searched other recipes I can use it for. I'll be whipping up a simple cucumber dill dip very soon! Secondly, these burgers were oh so delicious. They're lighter than a veggie burger, but certainly just as filling. I always use whole wheat or whole grain buns, and I served with sweet potato fries instead of regular French fries, since they're supposed to be slightly better for you.

Find the original recipe (along with 9 others that offer surprising ways to eat oatmeal) here.