DIY Hydrating Facial Scrub | Posh Beauty {AB Guest Post}

AB is a master of homemade beauty and spa products, so I always consult her when I need fresh ideas. This DIY hydrating facial scrub is a must-try. I'm grabbing materials this week!

Recently, Kim and I decided to take up swimming. I enjoy being in the water, but I do not appreciate what the chlorine does to my face and skin. After our second week in the pool, I made it my mission to find something to cure the dryness that was being caused by the chlorine. Looking in my closet of goodies, I realized I had the perfect items to make a nice facial scrub—no store run needed. 

What I decided to make was a hydrating facial scrub to help remove the dead skin cells and impart moisture back into my skin. My scrub consists of organic raw honey, with raw brown sugar and Grapeseed oil.

Why raw honey? Honey hydrates the skin and acts as a barrier against toxins. It even helps to even skin tone and assists with collagen production.

Why raw brown sugar? The texture of raw sugar is great for exfoliation!

Why grapeseed oil?
Grapeseed oil is a great toning agent!

How can you DIY this? It’s easy! Here are the steps:

Gather all your ingredients together to be mixed. The organic raw honey is very thick and sticky, so I suggest using a plastic spoon sprayed with PAM (or other non-stick cooking spray) to keep the honey from sticking too much. Add about 1 tablespoon of honey to 1/4 cup of raw brown sugar. Mix well. The consistency will be thick. In order to loosen it up a bit, add about 3 drops of grapeseed oil. It’s that simple!

After skin is thoroughly cleansed, take the scrub mixture and rub on your skin in a circular motion. Rinse off with warm water (the water should bead up on your skin). This is such a great exfoliator—and it’s good to also use on just your lips! Who doesn’t love smooth skin and soft lips?!



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