Posh Pictures: My Week in Instagram Photos

This was a fairly busy week due to our event season at work, managing blogging and freelance responsibilities, and prepping for the honey's birthday celebration this weekend. Yet, somehow I managed to squeeze in a fair amount of fun, thanks to AB's spontaneity, and my inability to say no to her--and I even managed to capture some of it on Instagram (you can follow me there @ChicMommy1 if you don't already).

Clockwise from left: golf event attire & accessories / leftover spoils from the
event's 'ladies only' gift bags / giving some serious shoulder at the pool with AB
as we celebrated the first day of summer (and cooled off from the 100 degree weather)  /
Maryland summer classics: corn-on-the-cob, crab dip and
seasoned crabs at Ship's Cafe.

This weekend, I'm looking forward to quality time with the honey, and to a going away party for a good friend (though not so looking forward to saying goodbye to her). Hope you have something wonderful planned as well.