In My Closet: Organization

I love organizing things--in particular, my closet; everything has to be neatly arranged so that I'm able to see exactly what's there (and so that it's pretty to look at, of course).

Gotta love sunglasses for summer!
Over the past few weeks, I’ve been shifting my winter clothing (heavier sweaters, sweater dresses, suede, etc) out of my closet and making room for lighter spring appropriate items; moving my shoes around so that the peep toes, sandals and wedges are at the forefront; as well as purging a few final pairs of shoes that I never wear.
most of these have now been traded out for more spring/summer like versions
I've finally finished making all the hangers uniform (read more here about why that's important), which makes a world of difference in space. I've become of fan of these hangers from Bed Bath and Beyond because of the hook in the front that allows them to be layered in front of each other so that only one out of every 3 or 4 hangers has to physically be on the rack. Layering hangers has made so much more room for my tops! I also grabbed these tiered skirt hangers for my skirts and strapless dresses and they work in the same way.

uniform hangers / winter shoes and most handbags on the shelves / super cute little polka
dot basket from Target for storing summer scarves and a pink bin for housing belts so
they're not falling all over the place

I’ve gotten mostly to the level of organization I’m aiming for with the exception of still needing to purge a few pair of boots (I’ll save that for the winter closet clean up), and wanting proper storage for my bags and purses—which I finally took out of the plastic bin they’d been in since I moved a year ago. For now they’re flattened and stacked on a shelf, but eventually I want to stuff them and display them in a way that saves their shape. I will probably also need to add additional shoe racks along the floor at some point, but for now every pair has a home. 

Do you rearrange your closet each season? What's your favorite way to organize?