Color Struck: Black and White

Color is bountiful for spring, and it marks wonderfully the change in the season and the chance for a  new beginning. As enamored as I am with color, I continue to be inspired by the combination of black and white. It is classic, clean and appropriate all year round--I am always struck by the many different ways in which these colors can be structured and worn.

Black and white works for decor just as well as clothing; You can add a pop of color or a bit of sparkle; it can be the basis for your entire room or outfit, or it can be the accent that pulls together your color story.

As you finish the remainder of your week, remember to take a break from your busy schedule, so you can breathe and get inspired!

Photos: (1) Where Did U Get That / (2) Girl About Town / (3) Pinterest via Glitter Guide / (4) Pinterest / (5) Pinterest