Where to Find Amazing Sunglasses for Your Spring and Summer Wardrobe

Fabulous sunglasses should be a wardrobe staple for spring and summer, and it is easy to find amazing ones, at fair prices, that fit your face and your style—if you know where to look.

“Sunnies” have a transformative property. They can take your outfit from “cute” to “superstar” in 2.2 seconds, and they protect those beautiful eyes from harmful UV rays. Win win. So where do you find these miracle makers?


ShopBop sells designer items for the current season—so you won’t be shopping the spring 2011 eyewear line at a discount. But, if you’re a spendthrift, no worries--they certainly carry brands that will be more conducive to your budget, with many pairs priced at under $200. 

Ray-Ban’s aviator shades are legendary, and they get an update with mirrored lenses. I swoon over aviators every summer, but alas my round face keeps me from finding the pair perfectly suited for me. But I’m not giving up!

You should wear this style if you have an oval or square shaped face; they’ll add interesting dimension.

Flash Sale Sites

Flash sale sites like Gilt.com, Hautelook and others make sure their merchandise is seasonally appropriate—but you’re often shopping collections from the year prior, making this is a great way to score designer digs at affordable prices.

Hautelook is having a Chloe sunglasses sale this entire weekend! This pair of women’s ‘Marcie’ sunglasses has a classic square shape, and of course—black goes with everything. But if you’re feeling adventurous, they come in red as well! 

You’ll want to wear this shape if you have a round, or an oval face; the square shape of the frame will work to make round faces look leaner--and oversized sunnies even more so! But if you have an oval face beware of proportion (smaller face, smaller frames and vice versa).

*Caution: flash sales can be pretty competitive, with the best items going first. Check in often, have a plan of attack for the type of items you’re looking for and shop quickly!

Department stores (and their websites)

Department stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom and Saks carry luxury. If you want the newest, hottest pair of frames for the warm weather, this is where you should look. (But of course you can find their previous season’s wares in their outlet style stores like The Rack and Off 5th).

Particularly drool worthy for me are these sexy Ferragamo oversized sunnies in Ivory (above), with brown gradient lenses. The color gives them a very old Hollywood feel, in my opinion. These Tom Ford ‘Margot’ oversized sunglasses (below) are To. Die. The grey frames with the gradient smoke lenses are so lush, and you don’t see this color in shades often. I love them.

Wear this shape if your face is more of an oval or a square,  for an ultra chic and softened look.

There are so many resources now for finding what you want at the price you’re willing to play. I snagged my favorite Marc by Marc Jacobs sunnies from Bluefly last year, and a fun pair of purple D&G sunnies from Marshall’s that have lasted several years.

What is your go-to spot for finding amazing sunglasses for your spring and summer wardrobe?