This Week’s Style Inspiration + The Weekend

I’m excited for the change in season, and finding style inspiration has been a breeze this week with the weather peaking at such warm temperatures. I’m enamored with bright color and giddy over polished ladylike looks (oh wait—that’s every week). These photos in particular are my faves. They’re simple and elegant and represent the looks I can’t wait to try as the weather gets warmer.

Last Sunday was my birthday, and I traveled to NY for some quality time with the honey…but ended up sick all day on my birthday. This weekend, I’m looking forward to a celebratory do-over in the form of wine, dinner and girl-talk with my good girlfriends and favorite cousins here at home. I relish any opportunity to spend time with these lovelies and a celebration of moi seems like as good a time as any!

What fun things do you have planned this weekend?

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