Posh Tip: Get Inspired by Love

It is Valentine’s Day—the day for lovers. And whether or not you have a significant other to exchange sweet sappy romantic gestures with; chances are you are still a lover of something. You are likely surrounded by love all day every day, even if you don’t recognize it. You have the love of your family and your very best friends, and that is something to be grateful for. Maybe your love is found in your hobby—whether blogging, roller skating, reading. Today, take an opportunity to get inspired by everything around you. Drink in the love that is present all 365 (and this year 366!) days of the year.

Get inspired by…

Your Favorite People

Your familial relationships set the foundation for how you love. Take a moment to revel in your family's unconditional affection.

Friends are like chicken soup for the soul. Nourish those relationships relentlessly.

Your Favorite Things

What activities make your heart smile? Is it having a cup of coffee at your favorite quaint little café? Dancing around the room to your favorite song? Or diving into a good book? No matter your favorite pastime, if you feel at peace when doing it, indulge in it today.

The Little Things

Take in the little things that create a small bit of sweetness like nature, or a walk in the rain. Often those are things that help us tune most easily into our hearts.


I spent some quality time with my honey over the weekend, and tonight T and I will be baking Valentine’s Day cookies.

How are you spending your Valentine’s Day?

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