How to Make Time for Beauty {Guest Post}

Gina (GG) is my bff, a chic mama and my blogging partner at Peace Love and Pretty Things. She also writes her own blog, where the topics of hair and beauty are oft discussed--as they are among her favorite things about which to both learn and teach. She is oh-so-knowledgeable on all things related to pampering yourself, so naturally, I asked her to share some of her knowledge here in the form of a guest post .

On any given Sunday, you can find me at home with a plastic conditioning cap over my hair and a pore tightening mask on my face as I get my house in order for the week. I'm probably folding laundry, cleaning bathrooms, making dinner and straightening up while delegating a myriad of other tasks to my family. Usually, I'm doing my best to get all of the household chores done reasonably early so the man and I can have some time to chill out and relax together before we go into another week of working and navigating this parenting thing. It's important to me to take care of myself and feel good about my appearance, so I make time in the midst of my busy schedule to do the things that make me feel pretty. I don't believe that being a mother of three means that I need to stop pampering myself. The key is to prioritize and keep things simple.

Keep in mind that for the purposes of this post, I'm sticking to the topic of beauty - but I feel the same way about fitness and diet. Mama can't take care of anyone else if she's not healthy. How can moms find time for themselves in between parent/teacher conferences, piano lessons, etc.? Here's what works for me:


I keep my hair in a bun about 75% of the time. As I mentioned above, Sunday is usually "hair day" where I wash, deep condition, and style for the week. For the forseeable future, I'm sticking to hair styles that don't require much maintenance. Hence, the bun. It's protective and convenient, and yet it's a charming style that keeps me feeling put together.

Skin (Facial and Body)

My skin is more challenging. You probably have clear, smooth, hairless skin, don't you? Not I! I'm prone to acne and dark marks, ingrown hairs and dry patches. Plus, if I want to feel soft (and I really do), cleansing is not enough. I have to exfoliate, shave, and treat my skin on a regular basis - otherwise, my legs will feel like porcupines. I'll admit, though, that the grooming process is fun for me so I take it all in stride. As I mentioned above, Sunday is usually my day for extreme pampering and this allows me to stick to a simple nightime routine throughout the week.


It's remarkable how much of a boost it can give you to look down at your hands throughout the day and see neat, polished fingernails. Even when you don't have time to paint your nails, just making the effort of keeping them trim and filed helps. It may not be at the top of your priority list, but it's rewarding to take this time for yourself and have fun with different shades or even a nice clear polish to make you feel more polished overall.


When it comes to makeup, I'm a big fan of less is more. Whatever your preference, I encourage you to be open to making time to add a little gloss to your situation every now and then. Maybe makeup is not part of your everyday package, but you may find that adding a little mascara or blush to your face helps you feel more awake, more bright, more ready to put your most confident face forward. On an average day, I wear mascara, lip gloss and a light foundation to even out my skin tone. Once you find out what works for you, it can be a five minute investment in the morning that just makes your natural light shine brighter.

How do you make time for beauty despite your hectic schedule? Feel free to share some of your tips and tricks as well!


Gina Renee Hill is an advocate for the success and emotional well-being of the modern woman. She infuses the concepts of self-love and personal development into everything she creates. Based in the Washington DC area, she does relationship management for a financial services company by day; while her free time is spent studying the complexities of love and life. She is a peace warrior, a dancing queen, and a scribe hopelessly devoted to personal freedom. GG is one half of the duo behind the blog, Peace Love and Pretty Things. She also shares her personal journey of transformation on her blog, The Write Curl Diary.