Fun with Jewelry: Frost Yourself

One of my favorite chick flicks is How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days, and witty though Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey may be--in my eyes, the real star of this movie is the style. Kate Hudson's character works for a fictitious women's magazine, where she and her adorably dressed co-workers have access to the latest in style and beauty trends. But I digress; Matthew McConaughey's character is an ad man who comes up with the slogan "frost yourself" for a major diamond jewelry campaign he's been working on--after Kate's character gives their dog "a little frosting"--a diamond choker. That phrase, frost yourself, has stuck with me since initially seeing the movie and I think of it every time I think of the act of draping oneself in baubles--whether diamond or otherwise. And with this past weekend's frosty chill, how can a girl not think of ice? Here are a few lovelies I am currently crushing on.

Why not frost yourself?

1. Carolina Amato Jewelry 'Lady in Waiting' drop earrings
2. Carolina Amato Jewelry 'Layered Brilliance' necklace
3. Sarah Chloe personalized name necklace
4. Michael Kors 'Uptown Punk' chunky curb link bracelet
5. Glitterrings sparkly 'Shelley' buckle ring
6. Michael Kors 'Blair' multi-function glitz watch

What frosty jewels do you have your eye on?

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