Posh Tip: Cuffed Jeans are in Season

Show off your fabulous shoes in any season by cuffing your jeans. A single cuff will show off those statement flats. A thinner double roll is an excellent way to show off your booties, sporty or casual boots. And a flat cuff brings a bit of casual to your most fabulous pump.

Low Wide Cuff

A low wide cuff (rolled once or more) makes for a chic option to show off your statement flats like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s chain strap version.

Tight Thin Cuff

A tighter thinner cuff showcases the entire boot or shoe. Try adding tights for warmth if you’re wearing a shoe that exposes skin: black if you’re conservative or a bright complementary color if you’re feeling adventurous. Some people hate this style but I don’t mind it when done right.

Flat Cuff

Show off your pumps with a flat cuff a la Sarah Jessica Parker. Add a blazer for a chic and stylish casual look.

What’s your favorite ‘off-the-cuff’ style?

Photos via Pinterest: 1, 2, 3