In the Kid's Closet: Jordans and Converse

T has a huge affinity for Jordans and Converse sneakers. He loves to rock basketball shoes with long sleeved tee shirts and jeans; and Chuck Taylors with just about everything--from hoodies, to flannel shirts to sweaters.

He recently obtained two new pair for his collection:

The Jordan SC-2 in grey, black and white


Converse Chuck Taylor padded hi-tops in black with royal blue stitching

I didn't help him pick them out, but I think both shoes are fairly hot!

What do you think--has he developed his mama's eye for style? ;-)


  1. or his Auntie's! LOL #sneakerhead :) Great Pics Tevian!

  2. HA! True dat! I rarely ever wear sneakers. LOL


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