Posh Beauty Products Review: Tampico Skin Brush and Shea Radiance Shea Lavender Soap

Tampico skin brush: Bristles made from Tampico fiber--the unbleached stem of the agave plant. Used to exercise and stimulate the skin, gently exfoliate and deep clean.

Shea Radiance Shea butter soap: Lavender Bliss Eco-friendly, vegan, synthetic free. Formulated to nourish itchy skin. All natural ingredients: organic palm oil, organic evoo, organic coconut oil, shea butter, essential oils, castor seed oil.

This past Sunday, I tried these two products together and they were a match made in skin care heaven.

When my good friend Mrs. G mentioned (in a comment on this post at Peace Love and Pretty Things) that she uses a dry brush on her skin at night before bathing, I immediately took to Google to locate one for myself. If the idea of getting that layer of dry skin off your body before bathing--in order to get to the super smooth layer underneath appeals to you too; I’d imagine you’re likely doing the same thing right now.

Let me assure you that you will not be disappointed.

When I first used the brush I didn’t feel like anything was happening since there was no flaking, and no product to rinse. But after showering, I could really tell the difference! I felt “squeaky” clean. But my skin didn’t feel dry at all—and this I attribute to the soap. It worked up a full and silky lather that translated to my skin, leaving it super soft. It smelled great, and I believe the lavender may have even helped me to sleep better.

Exfoliating with the dry brush definitely got rid of that extra layer on top of the skin, and allowed the moisture cocktail that is the shea butter soap to penetrate the new skin. I’ve been doing this cleansing combination for the past three nights; my skin feels noticeably softer, and my eczema is less irritated. I think this is going to be an ideal formula that, in combination with the right moisturizer, is going to work perfectly for my winter skin.

Have you used these products or similar ones? How did they work for you?