Happy Holidays!


I hope that everyone has a wonderful time this holiday season. For me, the holidays are all about the intimate time that I get with my family; it means the world to me! This year, I am looking forward to cooking with my mom, egg nog (a little of the naughty and a little of the nice), family movie night, fresh baked cookies,  the look on everyone's faces when they open their lovingly selected gifts, and toasting to the honey's and my very first Christmas together :-). 

What are you most looking forward to?
Wishing you all holidays filled with lots of love and relaxation!

Glitterrings Luxury Cocktail Rings

Glitterrings touts that it is the ultimate destination for cocktail rings, and with one quick sweep of their site, I promise you’ll agree. With their luxurious and affordable rings, you’re guaranteed to find a stunner for every occasion.

Made from quality materials, these aren’t your standard “wear and toss” style costume rings. They have a unique and “faux real” quality that will allow you to feel chic while wearing them, and that will last a long time--making them a completely worthwhile purchase.

Some of the amazing rings featured on the site include the sophisticated, stackable Sadie; the enviable green Emme; and the sparkly Sabrina, which with its mix of wood and sparkle, is perfect for both day and night.




I may have mentioned a time or two that I am completely enamored with butterflies, so it’s no surprise that my favorite rings on the site include Laura’s Flight, a delicate gold band with satin finish and a raised open work butterfly; and Alee’s Beauty, a clear crystal pave beauty with jet black enamel intertwined to create a gorgeous butterfly-shaped piece. I recently acquired both, and I can’t wait to pair each with the perfect outfit!

A final awesome note about Glitterrings is that they offer a plus size ring collection that serves women with fingers sizes 10-13. While I’m not the target demographic, I hear from friends that this is an underserved market, so kudos to Glitterrings for filling this fabulous niche.

If you’re as smitten by these darlings as I am (and I’m sure that you are), then click on over to the Glitterrings site and buy, buy buy!

Posh Tip: Uniform Hangers

It can sometimes seem like having your dream closet is out of reach due to space, or your lack of enthusiasm about what’s in it. However, having an ultra organized, photo worthy space for your wardrobe is easier than you think, and can transform the way you feel about your clothes by making your closet look brand new. Start with this simple tip: use uniform hangers.

Utilizing the same hanger throughout instantly creates space in your closet as suddenly all your items hang at the same level, and take up the same amount of space on the rack.

Skip the plastic and go for the maturity of the wooden hanger. Or if you have lots of delicate items, try velvet hangers; they’ll play well with your items and the grip of the fabric keeps them from slipping off the rack and into the floor.

images via Pinterest

As I transition my own closet, I’ve become fond of this simple velvet suit hanger from Target.

Do you use a single style of hanger in your closet? What kind do you prefer?

Sweet Nothings: This Week's Inspiration

This week on Peace Love and Pretty Things, GG and I published a feature about beauty, and how we all need to learn to find beauty in diversity. While searching for the right photo to accompany that post, I came across these, and both resonated with me.

I write often on Peace Love and Pretty Things about how our thoughts become our actions, and how little right actions on a daily basis help to bring about the fruition of our goals and dreams. These sweet nothings served as reminders for me this week when I was feeling overwhelmed; or tired and just wanting to nap, instead of working. This has ended up being quite the productive week, thankfully!

all via Pinterest

What's been inspiring you lately?

Posh Tip: Start a Tradition

We are officially in the holiday season, and it is ripe with traditions observed by family, friends and even co-workers. Quality time is at a maximum and we revel in the present moment with our loved ones, while enjoying a shared history. Wouldn’t it be great to have this feeling all year long? So why not start traditions outside of the holidays?

With your entire family

When I was younger, my family always had Sunday dinner together. Whether it was around the dining table or in front of the football game, there was one night where we knew we would all be eating together. Admittedly, Sunday dinners have fallen by the wayside in my household—but it’s such a beautiful way to facilitate quality time that it’s definitely worth reinstating.

Find something that your family enjoys that everyone can participate in: is there an annual event you’d like to make it a habit to attend? An arts and craft project where your kids watch their skill level grow as they get older? Perhaps an annual vacation?

With your children

Though it may not always seem as though children recognize the value of time with their parents when they are children, they will certainly see it clearly when they are adults looking back on the experiences that helped shape them.

My mother and I used to share “tea time” when I was a child. We would sit at the table over two mugs of tea and talk and giggle like girlfriends. She would also make tea for me whenever I was feeling unwell. And now, as an adult, I drink at least 2 cups of hot tea per day; partially because of the health benefits, but also because through the memory of that tradition with Mom, I equate tea with comfort, love and soothing.

Similarly, my son and I have had dinner “dates” since he was about 4 years old. During these dates, he has my undivided attention and we talk and catch up on the little things that sometimes get lost in the shuffle of other priorities. I also use this as an opportunity to subtly teach him how to conduct himself, and how to treat a woman when he’s on a real date. And it’s something that (I hope) we can do no matter how old he gets.

Tap into what your children like or respond to and find ways to connect with them on that level. If you have more than one child, customizing your experiences with them is a great way to show them you recognize their unique personalities.

With your friends

As we grow older, get married, have kids and take on more adult responsibility, it gets harder and harder to carve out time for our friends; but it is paramount that we do so. I find that girl time is an opportunity to recharge and reconnect with my friends, but also with myself—and what makes me “me” outside of roles that I assume in my day-to-day life. My friends and I have girls’ nights every other month (or so) where we all gather at one person’s place and curl up on the couch with snacks and drinks to catch up on each other’s busy lives.

Do you and your friends have designated times that you get together? If not, why not instate a monthly (or quarterly if it better accommodates) meet-up for brunch, cocktails, a movie night or a potluck dinner? The actual activity is up to you; just make it a regular occurrence and make it fun!

What are some of your favorite traditions—at the holidays, or all year long?

Drool Worthy: Chocolate Jewelry

The trend for wrist jewelry of late has been a watch, partnered with stacks upon stacks of bracelets (otherwise known as "arm parties") in warm, neutral tones. I've ooh-ed over tan jewelry parties, aaahhh-ed over gold jewelry parties and drooled over rose gold arm parties. But another tone that fits beautifully into this niche is chocolate brown. Consider these sweet adornments.

Do you find yourself craving chocolate?

Sweet Nothings: This Week's Inspiration

I am a words person. Whether in a book, set to music, or on the page, they speak to me. When I am inspired by particular phrases, I like to call them "sweet nothings". I often save sweet nothings from friends and from the honey, as gentle reminders whenever I need a pick me up or when I just want to smile! I like to save my favorites from around the web as well. There is a ton of positive energy in the interwebs.

These are some of the words I've been inspired by this week:

via Pinterest and Tumblr

Christmas Wish List

‘Tis the Season for giving, and whilst searching for gifts that will delight the loved ones, a girl can’t help but peruse a few items for herself, right?! Right.

These are some of the items that are tickling my fancy this Christmas, and that I hope “Santa” sees fit to slip under my fabulously decorated tree.


At the very top of my list is this luxurious Michael Kors brushed rose gold watch (sold out). I like that it’s a chunkier men’s style watch and the white face (as opposed to the matching rose gold I’ve seen on some) gives it depth. I’ve been drooling over this darling for months. It would be the sweetest surprise!

Last year my lovely parents bought me a Pandora bracelet and charms. I’ve since been neglecting it, having purchased only one additional charm to continue my pink/silver/white theme. It would be nice to give my current charms these cute companions.

Pandora smooth heart bead

Pandora pink polka dots bead (sold out)

Pandora 4 petal bead (sold out)


In the past, I have very much been a neutral colors kinda gal, but I’ve been continually adding pops of color to my wardrobe over the past few seasons. This belted orange fleece coat at Forever 21 (sold out) would be a fun addition to my closet. I know I said that I’m shying away from items at Forever 21, but it’s just so darn cute! And I have spring/fall jackets from there that have lasted several seasons so the quality should be just fine.


Fragrance is such an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe and the ones she chooses give insight into her personality. I tend to gravitate toward soft, feminine scents with floral highlights, and these all fit the bill:

Coach Poppy Flower 

What are you wishing for this Christmas?