Summer Still On My Mind

While most people are looking forward to fall fashions, I am still stuck on summer. It is my favorite season of the year--rich with warm days and light dresses—and it is difficult to detach myself from it mentally. Having just returned from the Dominican Republic--a place of perpetual summer--certainly doesn’t help. So in defiance of the change of the season, I’m remaining solely focused on summer attire. I even ordered these two darling dresses from Asos (take that Fall!). 

Asos red and camel color-block dress with ruffle front

how absolutely darling is the back of this Asos summer dress?!
I ordered it in this color

I will, however, be looking to attire for cooler weather where the young man is concerned. It seems as though the temperature seems to drop instantly after the first week of school. He is way into v-neck tees this year, so I imagine we’ll be looking for graphic styles to pair with jeans and hooded sweatshirts. Nordstrom.com has some pretty cool lightweight sweatshirts made of recycled cotton that are worth checking out in person.


We still have a significant amount of shopping to do thanks to an inane amount of annual check-ups, all required prior to the start of school; and 6-days per week of football. The last minute back-to-school hustle is officially under way.

Have all you other mamas finished your back-to-school shopping or do you still have a few items left to get?

Posh Beauty Cheapie: Cover Girl Clean Sensitive Skin Pressed Powder

My most recent drug store beauty discovery is Cover Girl Clean Sensitive Skin Pressed Powder. While in a packing crunch for a recent trip, I had the imprudent realization that I was out of pressed powder. I’d been out for some time, but since I rarely wear a full face in the summer, there hadn’t been a rush to replace it; now, however, faced with the potential of appearing in beach wedding photos as the guest with blotchy, uneven skin--it suddenly became high priority.

With no time for a mall run, the drug store beauty aisle was the next best option. At the recommendation of the lovely AB, I snagged the Cover Girl compact in “tawny”—one of the darker shades to compensate for my summer tan, and any impending beach tan--and hoped for the best.

It worked beautifully.

In addition to tawny being a great color match, the powder itself applied smoothly and was very light. My face didn’t feel heavily made-up, yet it lasted through an afternoon wedding, cocktail hour and evening reception (oh--and ounces of sweat due to the humidity).

Though I’ll probably still buy a higher-end brand once the cooler weather rolls in, the Cover Girl Sensitive Skin Pressed Powder was great in a crunch and will work wonderfully for sporadic special occasions in the meantime. And at a price of about $5 it’s wallet-friendly too. You can get it at Wal-Mart or Drugstore.com.