My Clarisonic Mia

Last month I entered a giveaway at the uber fabulous Midtown Girl blog, and (gasp!) I won! The prize? A Clarisonic Mia for both myself and my bestie.


I'd heard a bit about the Clarisonic Mia from friends, so I was really excited to have won. It arrived in just a few days--and then I got completely distracted and the box sat in my living room for about a week. I finally opened it last night and I can't believe I waited so long! It is THE BEST.

The soft bristles gave my face the best massage, and my skin felt super clean and tight just a couple of minutes after cleansing. I also had a pretty large red patch on the bridge of my nose where a pimple was developing, and the redness was reduced to practically nothing. I swear, my fingers never gave such good face. The Mia is a welcome addition to my cleansing routine.

So here's my routine:
I dampened my face and the Mia with warm water, then applied a sizeable amount of the accompanying cleanser to the brush. Turning the Mia on, I gently moved the brush over my face, starting with my cheeks, then moving to my chin and finally my forehead. After cleansing, I rinsed my face with cold water so the pores would close, then dabbed it dry with a white wash cloth (I learned in college never to use colored cloths on my face as the dyes can be harmful).

I was lucky enough to win my Clarisonic Mia, but you can learn more about it and/or purchase yours here. It's a bit of an investment at $149, but it is one that will be well worth it!

The Rules of Engagement When Dating as a Single Parent

Dating and the single parent is always an interesting topic—what are the rules of engagement when children are involved? As if dating isn’t difficult enough on its own at times, there are additional elements at play for single parents. They often have budgets, priorities and schedules that differ widely from those of their childless single counterparts--which contribute an additional layer to the experience. One of the most important questions that parents seek to tackle in regards to dating, however, is: when is the right time to introduce your child to someone you’re dating?

This is a loaded question, as there are a variety of factors that play into it: how old is the child? What is his or her level of maturity—can s/he understand what it means to date? How involved is the other parent in the child’s life? Is this person someone you are, or are planning to be serious with? How well do you think you know the person you’re dating?

As likely evidenced by the title of my blog, I am a single parent and as such I do date. My method has always been to keep the people I date separate from my son, and to allow someone to meet him only once I’m sure that things are--or have the potential to be--serious. It has never been worth it to me to bring someone into his life unless they’d be there for a while.

I do not, however, keep the fact that I date a secret from my son. Of course my approach with him has changed over the years; when he was younger, it wasn’t worth bringing up at all; but now he’s old enough (at 12) to understand what it means to date or to have a boyfriend. And I’ve reached an age where marriage has become a priority for my future; so I need him to be prepared for my one day having a husband, and it not being just the two of us anymore. We communicate, and we have a level of trust that lets him know that I would never bring anyone into his life that I didn’t spend time getting to know, and determining that they warrant the opportunity to be there. It helps that he has a good relationship with his father, so he isn’t looking for a father figure to get attached to; and since my son has never known his father and I as a couple (he was very young when we split) there is no underlying resentment on his part. He just wants me to find a partner I can be happy with {insert “awww” here :)}.

So my situation is easy, thank goodness; but I know it isn’t that way for all single moms and dads.

What has been your experience? When do you think is the right time to engage your child with someone you’re dating?

Favorite Color of the Season: Yellow

My favorite color so far this summer might be yellow. It’s just such a positive color, and conjures thoughts of sunshine. A pop of yellow can brighten your mood even on the cloudiest day. It also looks fantastic against the tan I’ve begrudgingly acquired.

If you like to express your summer style by slipping into a dainty dress, these might be for you:

This striped dress from Top Shop is a sunny alternative to the nautical look. The lady like shape, and silk/cotton blend of this Adam dress at the Outnet makes it perfect for work—and with a quick change of accessories—perfect for date night as well. This strapless mini floral print dress, also from Top Shop is the ideal summer day dress; wear it to the mall, the museum or your friend’s barbecue and be casually stunning.

If you’re not ready to be swathed in yellow from head to toe, add pops of yellow with great accessories like this Mojo Moxy pump at DSW, which is on trend with its pretty floral accent. The sparkle on this yellow clutch at Kitson makes you want to head out on the town, just so you can take it with you. There’s no simpler way to add color without going overboard, than to wear a cocktail ring and it’s easy to get enamored with the vintage feel of this one at Max & Chloe.

What’s your favorite color this season?