Memorial Day Move

This past Memorial Day Weekend while everyone else was lazing at the pool, stuffing themselves at barbecues and sipping cool cocktails--I was moving into a new humble abode. Trust me, I’m not complaining—this event has been a long time coming; so I’m relieved it has finally come to fruition. The past two weeks has been a marathon of packing, tackling “to-do” lists and running errands; and now that the kid and I are officially in the new place, I’m all at once exhausted and inspired. I am one hundred percent enamored with my master suite, including walk-in closet, and excited about the additional space in general. There are so many ideas swirling around in my head for décor—especially thanks to all the fabulous things I find on Tumblr—yet I have barely enough energy to unpack. So, I have resigned myself to taking it slowly and enjoying the process of watching my ideas unfold as I create a warm and comfortable retreat for us.

It’s so much fun to search for new themes and pieces for a new place. These are some of the things that are currently tickling my decorating fancy:

all photos from my tumblr. Click through the photos for original sources

I hope to get back into the swing of blogging this week. In the meantime: What are some of your favorite things to get for a new place? Do share!

Wishing you all a productive post-Memorial Day week.

Summer Fling at Harbor East

South Moon Under is hosting its Summer Fling this Thursday night, May 12th from 6:00 -9:00 pm, in tandem with other Harbor East stores like Urban Chic, Sassanova and Amaryllis. I attended this function last year (you can check out the recap I wrote here, or the pics here) and it was alot of fun. I won a gift certificate in one of the many raffles they conduct throughout the night, and walked away with a super cute BCBG dress at a discount. The cocktails and treats from RA Sushi were not a bad deal either. If you're local, grab a friend and head out for chic weeknight fun.

The Look for Less: Marc by Marc Jacobs Striped Dress

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Simone striped silk dress (originally mentioned here) is gorgeous for a casual day of fun in the sun, and the bright stripes give it a very beachy feel. This little number caused such a stir that it is now sold out at Net-a-Porter. But not to worry: for those of you who didn’t like the $630 price tag as much as you loved the dress, there is an alternative. The Cooperative Tank Dress at Urban Outfitters nods to the original version with an almost identical color scheme and a similar scoop neck. It is a simpler take on the vibrant stripes, in cotton and sporting a shorter hemline.  This dress also goes sans waist-tie—allowing you to belt as desired, and with a $50 price tag, this is a look worth wearing.

Summer Beauty Routine


As spring rolls into summer, I’ve begun to think about my pending beauty routine and how I can care for my skin and hair, while capitalizing on the sun and humidity. Here are a few things I know I’ll need in my beauty arsenal, as well as some new tricks I’d like to try:

Conditioner – A good conditioner is my hair’s best friend in summer because I work out (read: sweat) frequently which means I wash my hair frequently as well. A good conditioner is key to helping it to stay moisturized:

1. My favorite budget friendly-conditioners are by Herbal Essences. There are tons of varieties to target the specific needs of your hair, and they’re only about $3 per bottle, which makes going through them quickly much easier to bear. I’m currently coveting the Hydralicious Self-Targeting Conditioner.

2. Giovanni Direct makes conditioners, that though a bit more pricey, are worth the extra few pennies for the lush feeling they give my hair. The Tea Tree Invigorating conditioner will give your scalp a clean tingling feeling as you massage it into your hair.

SPF moisturizer /Tinted moisturizer – Since last summer, I’ve been using Ambi Even & Clear Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 (also mentioned here). It helps to even my skin tone, blending in dark marks, and protects my skin from the sun.

This year, I’d also like to try a tinted moisturizer as I think it will be a fantastic alternative to foundation. The lovely Mrs. E. has recommended Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer, which comes in 9 shades, so as to match perfectly to one’s skin.

Face mist – Vitamin E works wonders for my skin. I take it every other day as a supplement, as well as using it in oil and ointment forms. Imagine my delight when the bestie, GG, shared the wonders of The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Face Mist on her blog! She touts it as refreshing and hydrating without making the skin overly oily.

I’ve been considering adding color to my hair as a change for summer, but don’t want to deal with the chemicals. So when AB re-tweeted this little gem, I knew I’d try: “add a little lemon juice to your leave-in conditioner to add natural highlights for summer.”

Mrs. E. also had a suggestion for protecting the skin that has gotten me very excited: “Grab a green tea bag and brew tea as per usual. Once it is cooled, put it in a spritz bottle and stick in the refrigerator. When you come back from being in the sun (cookouts, beach, etc) spray it on your skin to help reverse sun damage.”

What will you do this summer to care for your skin and hair? I’d love to hear about your routine!

Fun with Jewelry - How to Store and Display It

The lovely AB and I were speaking last night about cool and interesting ways to store and display jewelry, and some of the ideas that we have for the future as we obtain more of it. It would appear that I have accumulated a decent amount of costume jewelry; which is interesting, because I was always more of a simple gold and silver kind of gal. Then one day I started with a big earring instead of a stud, then a cocktail ring—and before I knew it, I’d amassed a pretty good array of all types of fun baubles.

One of the things I’ve found about my costume pieces is that they don’t fit into my traditional jewelry boxes. So I’ve taken to using fun things that I retain from other endeavors like plastic baskets, gift boxes and even keepsake boxes.

I can’t remember how I obtained this little basket, nor do I recall from whereabouts the ribbon came. But at some point, I had the brilliant idea to weave the ribbon around the basket, and tie it in a bow in the front and the result is simple, but cute. I keep a ton of bracelets in here—mainly bangles and stretchy bracelets that can be stacked.

This gold gift box housed a present from my mom at some point, but is now storage for some of my larger bangles and cocktail rings. The gold mesh bag houses my bigger earrings, and is great for carrying smaller jewelry in when I travel.

I’ve seen all kinds of cool ways to store jewelry, and to display it, making it part of the décor of your room. I hang some of my longer necklaces on the sides of my shoe rack which is a fun way to add a little “sparkle”. I’ve also seen tons of other really adorable ideas around the web, like in this post at one of my favorite blogs, Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Do you store or display your jewelry in any fun ways? I’d love more ideas!

Luna & Stella Customizable Gifts for Mother's Day

All photos courtesy of Luna & Stella

Mother’s Day is less than a week away, and if you’ve not yet bought a celebratory gift for the special Mom in your life, may I make a suggestion?

Luna & Stella customizable jewelry is a fun and unique gift for moms. Made to order, and custom set with the birthstones of your loved ones, these pieces will become instantly enamored to a mother’s heart. 

A few years ago, my cousins all pitched in to give my aunt an amazing gold ring with custom set clusters of all their birthstones, as well as those of all their children. I thought it was a beautiful gift, but knew it was quite pricey to customize. When I received an email about this brand, with rings under $100, it seemed to me a fantastic, budget-friendly alternative.

Luna & Stella offers stackable birthstone rings, each ring in the precious metal of your choice, and each containing one birthstone. The idea is that as one has more children, or other members are added to the family, new rings can be ordered and stacked to be worn together—or mixed and matched.

If stackable rings are too trendy an idea for you, necklaces are also offered. You can choose between the moon & stars birthstone necklace, which allows for up to 5 birthstones to be placed within; the birthstone charm necklace, which features a crescent moon pendant, along with the birthstone charms of your choice; and, an angel wing necklace which features an angel wing along with the birthstone pendants of your choice. Each of the necklaces can be customized for less than $200.

There is still time to order a Luna & Stella custom gift for Mother’s Day; simply place your order by 3pm (EST) on Wednesday May 4th and most items can be received before Sunday.