Posh Tip: Uniform Hangers

It can sometimes seem like having your dream closet is out of reach due to space, or your lack of enthusiasm about what’s in it. However, having an ultra organized, photo worthy space for your wardrobe is easier than you think, and can transform the way you feel about your clothes by making your closet look brand new. Start with this simple tip: use uniform hangers.

Utilizing the same hanger throughout instantly creates space in your closet as suddenly all your items hang at the same level, and take up the same amount of space on the rack.

Skip the plastic and go for the maturity of the wooden hanger. Or if you have lots of delicate items, try velvet hangers; they’ll play well with your items and the grip of the fabric keeps them from slipping off the rack and into the floor.

images via Pinterest

As I transition my own closet, I’ve become fond of this simple velvet suit hanger from Target.

Do you use a single style of hanger in your closet? What kind do you prefer?


  1. i have been considering transitioning to the more adult wooden hangers for a while now. but i do love those felt hangers. i have heard that they work great at helping those slinky silk blouses stay put!

  2. They really do! I have lots of slinky dresses that stay put beautifully. I love the "look" of the wooden hangers though. Next closet upgrade. LOL

  3. a couple of years ago we cleared out all of our hangers and replaced with with all wood like the ones pictured above. love how it looks!

  4. Very cool, Cam. Good to know it's worth the time investment!


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