Posh Tip: Send a Handwritten Note

While the digital age now allows us to communicate much more quickly and easily, it has also taken us far away from the idea of the “personal touch”. Remember how good it used to feel to receive a ‘thank you’ card in the mail that was handwritten and catered solely to you? With the ability to send mass electronic messages, the feeling gets a bit lost (though the thought is still appreciated, of course). Instead of reserving handwritten notes for weddings and showers, why not send them more often? It can work in several instances.

The Interview


After a job interview, mail a handwritten thank you card to your interviewer with a personal note. It will take a little longer to arrive than email, but it will help you stand out from the crowed of other candidates who will likely follow up electronically. And (bonus!) that manager will view you as someone who is thoughtful, which could be an asset in the position.

At Work

Who is the person at your job who is always smiling, always willing to lend a hand, and always going the extra mile? I’m sure we all know at least one. And chances are that person is a bit under appreciated. You can easily remedy that with a little card stock and a kind word. It will be unexpected, and foster good will in your working environment.

The Hosted Party

Thank your guests for all those considerate hostess gifts they brought when they attended your cocktail party, dinner party, housewarming etc. by sending a personalized thank you card or note. I recently received a card that was pink, with butterflies on it (2 of my favorite things!) thanking me for a housewarming gift. It was easy to tell that this card was especially for me and that made me smile.

After a Friendly Visit

Sometimes people just show up for you, and that can be even better than when they bring gifts. Did someone visit you at home when you were sick? Or come to the hospital when you gave birth? Did they stop by to check on your aging parents? All these gestures deserve a heartfelt thank you that can be well-delivered in a gratitude card.

Birthdays and the Holidays


You may not be able to spend tons of money on the people you love on their special days, but you can show them how much you care with the right sentiment in a card. Find a message that speaks to your relationship with the receiver, or get a blank card and write in your feelings. Either way, it’s a wonderful way to let them know that you care.

For Your Sweet Lover


Show your man your gratitude for all that he does for you, by slipping a letter you’ve penned onto his nightstand. Or if you want to be less wordy, stick a post-it note on his mirror. Everyone wants to be appreciated and he is no exception. Use this opportunity to praise him and remind him of just how glad you are that he is in your life.

What are some other occasions where a handwritten note could elevate the personal touch in our communications?