Posh Tip: Rock the Bun

Clothing and accessories are so much fun, and one of a woman’s best accessories is her hair. I find that no matter how great my outfit, something always feels off if my hair isn’t quite behaving the way it’s supposed to. Can you relate?

One tried and true way to tame your tresses and still manage to look flawlessly put together, is to rock the bun! There are any number of ways you can wear it and shape it—I prefer a side bun, sometimes with my hair parted in the middle, and sometimes without the part. The ladies below showcase an elegant bun, a “sock” bun (using a sock helps your hair to conform to the shape of the bun) and a curly bun; all are equally gorgeous and equally copy-worthy.



You can also find TONS of YouTube tutorials on how to create different styles of buns, if you have the inclination to experiment.

What’s your favorite way to rock the bun?

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  1. I am all about that high bun...that is my *go to* winter style for these curls!!! :)


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