Posh Tip: Dress for the Job You Want

I am continuously searching for small ways to make everything in my life a bit more chic. Whether it’s my food choices, home décor, shoe collection, wardrobe, or even my spirit—I want everything in my life to be beautiful. And I recognize that it doesn’t have to always take the biggest budget or the grandest gesture; a chic lifestyle can begin with the little things. And so, to that end, I’ve decided to share some of my tips every week with a Tuesday Chic Tip’. I hope you’ll check back weekly to discuss and share your take on these areas of life as well.

I’ve heard it said before that you should “dress for the job you want, not the job you currently have” and I agree with this idiom. In life, we create what it is that we want--first with our thoughts, then with our actions, and eventually we’ll see our dreams come to fruition. By dressing for the job or career you see yourself having in the future, you’re sending a message to the Universe every single day about what you want.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to arrive to work daily in a suit if that isn’t the culture of your work environment. But look to those with senior positions at your company, see how they are dressed, and emulate them—but with your own twist. If your manager wears a suit, try on a smart blazer in a bold color, over a printed dress, or a printed top and slacks.

If you’re in a more casual environment where jeans are the norm, why not try ‘smart’ jeans by wearing darker denim and pairing it with a belted sweater. You’ll look both chic and cozy.


Even if you work from home, you’ll want to consider how you would want to present yourself to clients or industry peers; try putting on something as simple as a chambray shirt and wide-legged jeans. 


Being well-dressed will make you feel effortlessly fabulous and increase your productivity. Bonus!