How-to-Wear: White Suit for Spring

Often, when we see clothes on the runway, in the store or online, they are styled according to someone else’s vision and it can be hard to see how they might fit our bodies or work for our lifestyle. Sometimes things absolutely will not work, but sometimes it just takes a little creativity to make it our own. Take for example, this white suit from the Rachel Zoe spring 2012 RTW collection:

photo: Fashionetc.com

GG, who is a tall drink of water and looks fantastic in shorts, said that she loves this--but it isn’t practical for her lifestyle. Granted she might not want to wear this on a day when she is wrangling her 3 kids, however; if she slid on a pair of thin tights under the shorts (she generally has length concerns with bottoms because her legs are so long), and added a sleek flat shoe (which is more her style than a chunky heel), this would be the perfect outfit for a night out with the girls.

Clothing is really just fabric until someone breathes life and personality into it—so don't be afraid to add your personality to everything you wear.

How would you style this gorgeous white suit for spring?