Hair Quickie - Carol's Daughter Tui Oil

A friend of mine gave me a bottle of Carol's Daughter Tui Hair Oil and it has worked wonders on my hair. I have been putting just a dime sized drop into the palm of my hand and then massaging onto my hair daily. It is left soft, but not greasy or oily--which is practically impossible when you are using an oil--and with the most delightful smell. The oil is infused with guava, mango and passion fruit yet leaves a light scent that's not overly fruity. It also has these tiny little petals in the bottom of the bottle--I'm not sure what they do, but they look cool!

I didn't see the tui oil still available on the Carol's Daughter site, but it does come up at other merchants in a google search. My hair is medium to thick--I have thin strands but there are a lot of them which makes my hair feel thicker. If you have similar hair to mine, or thicker hair (unsure of how heavy it might be on thinner hair, but it's probably worth a try), I highly recommend it for nourishing moisture.

Has anyone else tried Carol's Daughter Tui Oil? How did you like it?