Summer Beauty Routine


As spring rolls into summer, I’ve begun to think about my pending beauty routine and how I can care for my skin and hair, while capitalizing on the sun and humidity. Here are a few things I know I’ll need in my beauty arsenal, as well as some new tricks I’d like to try:

Conditioner – A good conditioner is my hair’s best friend in summer because I work out (read: sweat) frequently which means I wash my hair frequently as well. A good conditioner is key to helping it to stay moisturized:

1. My favorite budget friendly-conditioners are by Herbal Essences. There are tons of varieties to target the specific needs of your hair, and they’re only about $3 per bottle, which makes going through them quickly much easier to bear. I’m currently coveting the Hydralicious Self-Targeting Conditioner.

2. Giovanni Direct makes conditioners, that though a bit more pricey, are worth the extra few pennies for the lush feeling they give my hair. The Tea Tree Invigorating conditioner will give your scalp a clean tingling feeling as you massage it into your hair.

SPF moisturizer /Tinted moisturizer – Since last summer, I’ve been using Ambi Even & Clear Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 (also mentioned here). It helps to even my skin tone, blending in dark marks, and protects my skin from the sun.

This year, I’d also like to try a tinted moisturizer as I think it will be a fantastic alternative to foundation. The lovely Mrs. E. has recommended Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer, which comes in 9 shades, so as to match perfectly to one’s skin.

Face mist – Vitamin E works wonders for my skin. I take it every other day as a supplement, as well as using it in oil and ointment forms. Imagine my delight when the bestie, GG, shared the wonders of The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Face Mist on her blog! She touts it as refreshing and hydrating without making the skin overly oily.

I’ve been considering adding color to my hair as a change for summer, but don’t want to deal with the chemicals. So when AB re-tweeted this little gem, I knew I’d try: “add a little lemon juice to your leave-in conditioner to add natural highlights for summer.”

Mrs. E. also had a suggestion for protecting the skin that has gotten me very excited: “Grab a green tea bag and brew tea as per usual. Once it is cooled, put it in a spritz bottle and stick in the refrigerator. When you come back from being in the sun (cookouts, beach, etc) spray it on your skin to help reverse sun damage.”

What will you do this summer to care for your skin and hair? I’d love to hear about your routine!