Fun with Jewelry - How to Store and Display It

The lovely AB and I were speaking last night about cool and interesting ways to store and display jewelry, and some of the ideas that we have for the future as we obtain more of it. It would appear that I have accumulated a decent amount of costume jewelry; which is interesting, because I was always more of a simple gold and silver kind of gal. Then one day I started with a big earring instead of a stud, then a cocktail ring—and before I knew it, I’d amassed a pretty good array of all types of fun baubles.

One of the things I’ve found about my costume pieces is that they don’t fit into my traditional jewelry boxes. So I’ve taken to using fun things that I retain from other endeavors like plastic baskets, gift boxes and even keepsake boxes.

I can’t remember how I obtained this little basket, nor do I recall from whereabouts the ribbon came. But at some point, I had the brilliant idea to weave the ribbon around the basket, and tie it in a bow in the front and the result is simple, but cute. I keep a ton of bracelets in here—mainly bangles and stretchy bracelets that can be stacked.

This gold gift box housed a present from my mom at some point, but is now storage for some of my larger bangles and cocktail rings. The gold mesh bag houses my bigger earrings, and is great for carrying smaller jewelry in when I travel.

I’ve seen all kinds of cool ways to store jewelry, and to display it, making it part of the d├ęcor of your room. I hang some of my longer necklaces on the sides of my shoe rack which is a fun way to add a little “sparkle”. I’ve also seen tons of other really adorable ideas around the web, like in this post at one of my favorite blogs, Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Do you store or display your jewelry in any fun ways? I’d love more ideas!