Your New Closet Staple: The “Regular” Black Dress (RBD)

There is one particular “must have” item for a woman’s closet that seems to always hog the spotlight: the little black dress (or the LBD.) It’s the all-encompassing, “event-ready-in-an-instant” wardrobe piece that will allow you to be cocktail, party or even wedding ready at a moment’s notice; and for this, we love our LBDs.

But what about all those other days where you find yourself wondering what the heck to wear?! Whether it’s raining, you’re having a “fat day” (oh..You don’t have those?), or you are just too exhausted to even consider putting together anything that matches--there is an alternate option to picking up whatever is still on the floor from last week (I’ve heard that people do this. I’m not one of them. No, really, I’m not—total OCD).

I present to you, the regular black dress (or the RBD). This is the dress in your closet that is “regular” in the sense that it is not a special occasion frock, but it is still just as versatile. It is the one that has a classic shape; can be dressed up with heels or down with flats; works with any color sweater, shoe or accessory; but most of all, fits you beautifully.

Some suggestions, if I may?

Calvin Klein sweater dress

The weather is finally starting to warm so this is your last chance to get in your black sweater dress. Calvin Klein’s sleeveless version allows for coolness in warmer air. Wear with pumps and bare legs to be true to the season.

Express ruffled dress

This ruffled halter dress from Express will make for the perfect Friday afternoon transition piece from the office to happy hour. Wear your cute cardi or blazer to work then remove it to reveal fun, chunky gold jewelry, as pictured.

Tahari ASL sheath dress

The sheath dress is a classic, but this one by Tahari ASL gets a twist in a cotton pique material with a split neck and faux belt accent at the waist. Slide into colorful gladiator sandals and add a bright bag for a more casual look.

NY & Co shirt dress

A shirt dress is a great way to achieve a collar for work without wearing a blazer. Wear it with pumps to the office, or strappy sandals for a night out.

How do you wear your RBD?