Web Boutiques to Love

Shop these sites for interesting, unique, stylish pieces to fill your closet. They’re some of my favorites from around the web, found through various mediums including blogs and social media. Last week, I expressed a desire for, and laid out a plan to obtain more mature, classic items for my closet (you can read that post here). I plan to frequent the following for purchases and styling ideas:

Shop Karla’s Closet

The shoppable "closet" of fashion blogger Karla, of Karla’s Closet, this site features a wealth of interesting pieces that you could see Karla wearing herself, yet envision intertwined with your own style. Pay attention to the pattern in which she re-fills the closet—items sell quickly.

Rice and Beans Vintage

Rice and Beans Vintage features “affordable luxury” in the form of pre-owned vintage and designer clothing, shoes and accessories. There seems to be endless inventory, and viewing the “Gone But Not Forgotten” section is an exercise in longing while staring wistfully at items that you love, but that other people scored. Consider it a little encouragement to bid early and buy often. And there’s a CHANEL SECTION. I should’ve just written that first, right?


I found this lovely lady’s Etsy shop while socializing with her via twitter. She has beautiful decade specific pieces. I’ve been eyeing a bright blue 70s tent dress for much longer than I’d care to admit. Obsessed much? Perhaps.

Decades of Baltimore

I actually wrote a piece for Examiner.com about this shop (which you can read here), but the great thing for Baltimore area residents like myself is that they also have two local store locations where you can cavort with some of the items in person.

Silly Rabbit Vintage

Though they sell men’s clothing too, it was the overarching ladylike theme of the dresses, and women's accessories that drew me in, whilst searching for 50s/60s inspired dress for a Mad Men themed party.

Where do you *point, click, purchase* when you’re online? What are some of your favorite boutiques and vintage shops from around the web?