Stripes Story

As evidenced by recent purchases, I am currently coveting stripes. I’m attracted to them while shopping, in photos and live in person. I’m partial to horizontal stripes in light or neutral colors, loose styles and soft fabrics; but there are some bold stripes that have caught my attention as well. It's an easy trend to wear and is transitioning with the seasons from winter wool into spring dresses, skirts and blazers.

1. Revolve loose stripe tank –This tank looks comfy, airy and perfect for summer. I could see it over a bathing suit, with shorts or cargo pants

2. Top Shop pink striped burnout tee – The soft pink stripes and slight sheerness of the material make this tee casual without being too plain. Paired with jeans and a flat, this makes for the perfect Saturday afternoon shopping style.

3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Simone striped silk dress – This dress screams “FUN IN THE SUN!” It’s out of my price range, but how can I not be inspired by it? And, it reminds me of sherbet…

4. Aryn K. Stripe Blazer – This is a very smart blazer with its stripes, the piping on the pockets and the tapering at the waist. It could be used to break up an all white outfit with a bold colored shoe or a bag thrown in for additional contrast.

5. Donna Morgan Stripe Chiffon Dress – Who’s the prettiest little girl at the garden party? The one who wears this dress.


  1. i have to admit I'm really obsessed with stripes these days myself. I love the nude, navy, and faded stripes!

    p.s i'm so in love with that blazer!!

    --love, daisy

  2. I love a good nautical stripe too Daisy. And I can definitely see that blazer in my closet!

  3. I loooove that Marc Jacobs dress!!!! I'm gonna need a budget retailer to come up with their own version of that in my price range.

  4. If I stumble across a budget friendly version, I'll be sure to let you know!


Thank you for all your perfectly posh comments. I appreciate you stopping by!

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