Fashionable Adventures in DC

The homie MC and I have developed a lovely tradition of brunch and shopping for my birthday, so this past Sunday, I headed to the DC area where she joined me for brunch at Sequoia, followed by shopping on F Street. The former home of department store, Woodward & Lothrop, has been transformed into a block of ladies’ shopping including Zara, H&M and Forever 21, with American Apparel just across the street.

It was raining buckets, but since MC and I are of the die-hard “whether in rain, sleet or snow” variety of shopper, we soldiered on; though I complained a bit, MC’s parking savvy and my purse sized Jones New York umbrella made the outdoor portion of the expedition more bearable.

Our first stop was in Zara where I felt I looked fat in everything I tried on; but I blame the humidity in the dressing room which contributed to increased glistening and a disposition that was totally counter-conducive to sashaying in front of the mirror. So we moved along.

I fared better in H&M where my purchases included a really cute brown knit dress with leather accents, and a pair of tights in wide brown and black stripes.

Our final stop was in Forever 21. Forever 21 is already kind of a manic shopping experience because of the overwhelming amount of merchandise on the floor at any given time, but I’ve developed a knack for determining the layout of each store and how pieces are grouped. I met my match, however, in this location; poor lighting, escalators that led to other floors without clear methods of return to the main floor, and (the ultimate offense) mannequins draped in Hello Kitty wear that was nowhere to be found on the sales floor, were greatly frustrating nuances. I did manage to scoot out bearing a few pieces:

Fab stripe waterfall cardigan - Forever 21

Mine is in black and heather gray; I can wear it with leggings, boots and tee.

Slub Stripe sweater - Forever 21
My version of this sweater is white with black stripes, and will be a great off-the-shoulder look with skinny jeans and booties.

Threaded Teardrop Earrings - Forever 21 
The plan is to pair these earrings with the dress from H&M.

Though this might not have been the most fruitful of retail excursions, my quality time with MC is always a blast. (Can’t wait for next year’s celebration, Chica!)