Posh Product Review: Zoya Nail Polish

A few weeks ago a friend forwarded me a special discount code for Zoya nail polish. I’d never heard of the brand before, but for 3 free polishes, decided it was worth checking out. A search of the brand led me to discover that the company’s claim to fame is that their product is actually a bit more natural than other polishes; meaning it does not contain the harmful toxins--like formaldehyde and toluene--that are present in many others. I am a huge proponent of “natural” and “chemical free” so I was almost sold, but curious about the wearability in comparison to other polishes. Reviews were mixed, as length of wear depended on the lifestyle of the user, but a consistent theme was that the color lasted longer when used in conjunction with Zoya’s base and top coats.

After checking out the official Zoya site as well, I decided to go ahead and place an order. I added Nina, Pinta and Kelly (Were you expecting Santa Maria too :) ?) to my cart as my 3 free polishes, and paid for both the top and base coat.

My order was placed on January 8th, and shipped on January 19th –almost 2 weeks later. I could understand the delay if a great deal of orders were placed using the special code, but was a bit perturbed by the fact that there was no communication about my order during this time—including the fact that one of the colors was on back order. Attempts to chat live with a customer service rep, and to get a response from the Zoya twitter account were fruitless. I finally received 2 of my colors, as well as the base and top coats on January 24th. I have yet to receive the 3rd.

So to the polishes I did receive:

I tried out Pinta first. A grape-ish purple, the color was vibrant and true to how it looked in the bottle. I absolutely loved it on my nails.

I applied it on Saturday evening before going out, and didn’t begin to experience any chipping until Wednesday afternoon. This was great because as a single mom, my hands are constantly immersed in water between cooking, washing dishes, laundry and cleaning. I removed the polish on Thursday evening after a total of 5 days of wear—not bad at all, in my opinion.

My final assessment of the polishes themselves: they’re thick, they apply smoothly to the nail and they are long-lasting.

My final assessment of the company as a whole: they have poor customer service, long ship times (I have yet to receive my third polish) and there is a lack of customer communication. I have yet to decide whether or not I’ll be ordering again through the site; I would buy Zoya products again, but preferably at an in-store retailer as opposed to online.

UPDATE: I have since ordered polishes from the Zoya website without any shipping or problems with communication, so it seems this was indeed a one-time issue--which is awesome because I adore their colors!