Summer Skin

I don't know about anyone else, but I have gotten extremely tanned in this ninth circle of hell we've been calling "summer" here on the East Coast. It has been the type of weather that absolutely demands 'makeup lite'. Under normal circumstances, I would wear foundation, but not only does my complexion no longer match it, I'm pretty certain that any heavy cosmetics would melt right off my skin. So my regiment of late has been quite simple:

1. Moisturize with Ambi Even & Clear Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30
2. Bronzer - Stila bronze Illuminating Finishing Powder on my T-Zone, forehead and chin (this is the key to it looking like I've applied a full 'face'!)
3. Dust lids with a light coat of powder eyeshadow in a neutral color
4. Mascara
5. Lip gloss
6. Go!

How has the heat affected how you apply your makeup?

Random Musing...

Why (lately) I am shying away from jeans…

1.       Overall Fit – I have thicker thighs, a round bottom, a smaller waist, and a post baby tummy. This is a horrible combo when trying to get into standard sized jeans. Even with the coveted spandex in them, I spend years in dressing rooms trying to get the perfect combination jean that fits my bottom half without gaping at the waist.
2.       Length – the invention of length varying jeans was a great one. However, “short” length jeans are only good when I’m wearing flats because if I wear them with heels, they bunch at the knee. “Regular” length jeans are only good when I’m wearing heels. They give me that great long legged look, but I can’t wear them with flats. I can't even opt for my favorite skinnies though I stare at them all summer long and wish they and my tank tops could become fast friends. Solution: buy every pair of jeans in 2 lengths? Totally not cost effective. Scratch.
3.       Muffin Top – Many women suffer from this—both mom and non-mom. It could be the result of the slightest salt-induced bloat, retention of water or a large meal. Regardless of the reason, it is highly uncomfortable, unbecoming and unacceptable. I did see kind of a cool solution here..but it’s a bit costly.  
 4.       Preference – Lately I’m just finding that when it’s time to throw something comfy on, I’m reaching for a dress rather than a jean. In one swift toss over the head, I’ve avoided all the issues above that I would inevitable run into with one pair of jeans or another. And then I don’t have to also find a top. Dresses = one stop shop  garments.

1.       I love leggings (and I wear them appropriately: dark under things, and long enough top to cover both the front and the rear unmentionable areas), but I have yet to find a pair of denim ones that I don’t feel extra bootylicious in. The search continues…
2.       When I was single me, I could spend bill money on afford some of the more expensive jeans and found that I had an easier time finding great fits in those; now that I’m a mom, they’re a ‘distant memory/fashion aspiration’ for the future..
3.       I still love denim: I have denim dresses and jackets that are still in rotation. And I love to see other people fabulously style up a pair of jeans. I gape at them on my friends and on other people’s blogs all the time.

Photo credit: OnSugar.com
 4.       Yes, I know I could get my jeans altered to fit and that would aid in most of these issues… but if I’m being honest, I probably won’t. Frock it.

I reserve the right to change my mind about this, and probably will when fall descends and I can wear my skinny jeans again with tall boots. * shrug *

Style Confidential: Perfect Fit

Since I became a mommy, my clothing size has been woefully inconsistent. I initially lost most of the weight, only to swell again and then continued this pattern until very recently--alternating between what is probably a quite ridiculous range of clothing sizes. Despite the malleable nature of most of my body, there is one area that never changes and almost always finds the perfect fit: my feet.

I have always had a particular affinity for shoes. While the type of preferred shoe has changed as I have changed, the sweetness of finding the perfect pair has not lessened: When I was in high school, it was all about loafers, heeled buck-style shoes and anything with a chunky heel; college (and a job at Foot Locker) brought on the sneaker crush--and I can fit boys sizes so they came cheaper!; post-college/adulthood has seen the craze for high heels and stilettos soar to new heights. I cannot tell you whether my love of shoes was derived from their always fitting so well, but I'm sure it didn't hurt.

There is a certain level of confidence that comes with knowing your body and what will fit it well. It can take a good deal of trial and error to find a dress that suits my body or to pour myself into a great pair of jeans. So there is nothing quite like that Cinderella moment with a shoe: I glance at it and smile, caress the material, arch my foot into a graceful curve as I slip into the shoe...and sigh with contentment when it fits perfectly. Perhaps this sounds odd, but it really is that ceremonious for me; it's the little things, you know?