I almost cried...

I have a particular affinity for the fashion of the 1950s; the feminine shapes, full skirts, cinched waists, modest heels and lush fabrics. Everything was about print or texture and was designed to invoke warm emotion through shape and color. The 50s, in my opinion, is one of the decades that speaks to definitive ladylike style. Imagine my excitement when I folded back the pages of the July Vogue to discover their "Magnificent Obsession"--it's a tale of 50's glamour and drama, photographed by Peter Lindbergh. I became completely enraptured in the gorgeous fashion--particularly a wonderful Vera Wang dress in the most amazing silk-taffeta and a cascading Marc Jacobs silk ball dress styled with elbow length gloves that is pure poetry. If you missed the mag, you can view a slideshow of the full story at Vogue.com.

 There are several trends from the 50s that are returning this summer and for the fall with modern twists. Is this an era you'll look forward to revisiting?


One of my favorite people, GG, pens The Write Curl Diary. It is here that she shares her innermost (and outermost) thoughts about hair, dance, babies, love, music, and all the other ooey, gooeyness that makes her the darling that she is. If you have a penchant for any of the aforementioned topics, or just for general awesomeness, check her out.

As if G doesn't bring enough sushine to my life, she has passed along a little thing called the Sunshine Award to me.

The Sunshine Award is a moment of appreciation from one blogger to fellow blogger that says, "Hey, you rock. I've noticed. Keep up the good work." So to that end, I pass this along to my twitter pal and ridiculously talented sketch artist/aspiring designer, Mr. Hayden Williams at http://haydenwilliamsfashionillustrations.blogspot.com/ . His fashion illustrations are fierce and he draws a MEAN shoe!

Hayden, my dear, you have officially had sunshine bestowed upon you :). Share it well.

Falling For: Skintillating Moisture

When I stopped consuming meat about 3 years ago, my body went through a number of significant changes, including the adult onset of eczema. My skin is now extremely dry, sometimes developing dry dark patches—so NOT chic. Since this was diagnosed, I have been using a number of products externally on my skin to help diminish the dryness, including vitamin E oil and jojoba oil to help seal in moisture at night--as well as Eucerin products for daily daytime use.

The Eucerin dry skin original lotion was recommended by my dermatologist and it works wonders on my skin. It is fragrance and dye free, thick enough to moisturize my thirsty skin for an entire day without reapplication and helps to minimize itchiness and discomfort. However, it does have 2 minor, less than desirable side effects: it is oil based, which means it leaves behind a greasy feel that is increased in the summer when mixed with heat and humidity; and it immediately eats away at nail polish--even with top coat—making it nearly impossible to wear nail color.

During my last visit to Vitamin Shoppe, I decided to look for an alternative that would moisturize my skin as well as Eucerin does, but might be slightly less oily. Enter Shikai Borage Dry Skin Therapy.

This lotion is recommended for severe dry conditions including eczema and is also fragrance free. The cool thing about this moisturizer is that it contains an omega-6 fatty acid that helps with the formation and maintenance of healthy skin cells. What this means is that with continued use, the skin actually repairs itself in addition to retaining moisture. Upon my initial use of the product, I was underwhelmed, but over the course of the two weeks that I have been using it, I have noticed that my skin has become much softer and that the small dry patches are smoothing out as well. Borage is not as thick as Eucerin, but it moisturizes just as well once the skin begins to get used to it. And it is not greasy or oily at all—I can even use it on my face under makeup, which I could not do with Eucerin. My ability to wear nail color has been restored as well, as the instant peeling and chipping has been alleviated.

There is a price differential: while Eucerin costs approximately $11 for a 16.9 oz. bottle, the Borage product is approximately $14 for an 8 oz. bottle. While I am officially a fan of the Borage lotion, I’ll still continue to use Eucerin as well—most likely as a nighttime moisturizer, and in the winter when cold and wind tend to dry the skin out more quickly.

Stella McCartney: Fall Ready-to-Wear

Bergdorf released their promo email featuring the Stella McCartney ready-to-wear collection for fall. It looks lovely and comfortable with easily mixed and matched pieces. Here are some of my faves. Note that they are all skirts or dresses because, well, that’s what speaks to me--but there's much more available. You can check out the rest of the collection, and procure items for yourself at Bergdorf’s Designer Collections online shop.

P.S. – how hot are those nude and black booties?!

90s Retro: The Return of the Overall

Last Thursday, as I was leisurely strolling through the GAP, I came upon something that quite literally made me gasp as I stopped in my tracks: overalls. There were both shorts overalls and a dress overall—just… hanging there like it was 1991. I was totally taken aback. I don’t know exactly how I missed the memo on this one, but apparently fashion literature was aflutter with the news back in April.

You remember the overall, don’t you darlings? Originally rocked by farmers the nation over, it got a new twist in the 90s. It became a fashionable fad in the ABC/(Another Bad Creation) / BBD (Bell, Biv, DeVoe) / Kris Kross/  Boys II Men’ era of the early 90s, and it quickly became the clothing item of choice for youngsters everywhere, including myself. It received various styling incarnations from: one shoulder on/one shoulder off, to criss-crossed straps, to both straps down and the front flap folded, to the most daring…backward. Some overalls had leather added or various patches of color. If you were in the tri-state (NY/NJ/CT) area at the time as I was, you saw the graffiti of the 80s experience a brief rebirth by being peppered across the bottoms of overall-wearing girls with nicknames like “Rosie” and “Hottie” in accompaniment to their crisp white Nikes.

It is my high hope that our styling sensibilities have evolved past colored leather patches and graffiti, and it is with this hope that I admit the following: I actually feel a tinge of excitement at the rebirth of the overall trend. Upon further investigation, I have discovered that new twists on overalls appeared on the runways of the likes of Chloé, Cavalli and Gaultier...

..and I stumbled across very cazh cute incarnations of this look on celebrities like Rihanna and Katie Holmes. Though I am not a fan of Rihanna’s total look, the idea of the layered chains and lace gloves is a pretty fly way to give her one-piece some personality. I love Katie’s functional layered look with the rolled pant legs for a day of shopping. 


Though I’m not sure my grown-up body type will be ideal for overalls, I am quite intrigued by the possibilities. Elle.com published a functional guide on ways to style them that look very modern and feminine. What do you think about this old/new trend? Will you rock the overall?